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All-natural, handcrafted products that inspire all to look within and unveil their true beauty.

Crystal H.

I love the beauty mentor!! Every product is created with excellence and tailored for me. I have also bought several gift items and they are always a big hit. I love the values the product line emphasizes. I feel great that I can purchase quality products that have a purpose.

Troop Mom

THANK YOU so much for the wonderful experience you provided my little girl!  Sarah loved doing her kit and really surprised me with her perseverance in completing the journal.  She's a first grader and worked really hard!
She's excited about the patch and I believe she will never think about lip gloss in any other way, now that we use it as a reminder to speak kind words to others!
I'm thankful you've offered yourself to our Lord as a beautiful example and role model for so many young ladies!


Beauty is all about being a person who other people want to be around. It’s about having a positive attitude and being compassionate towards others. Before the Beauty Mentor, it was hard to distinguish between inner and outer beauty. Miss Kristi has helped me realize that it’s not on the outside that matters at all. Being popular and wearing makeup to appear pretty does not necessarily guarantee beauty, it’s your personality that defines you.

True Beauty is...

...more than an outward appearance.

At The Beauty Mentor, we believe True Beauty is Patience, Kindness, Decency, Modesty, a Loving Character, Gentleness, Joy & God's Creative Ability Flowing Through Us All

Romans 10:15 

Isaiah 61:3

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