Christ Esteem Finding Worth In Him

The Beauty of Having Christ Esteem

May Peace and understanding fill your hearts and minds as you read this post

Sometimes many questions can run through our minds about “who we are in Christ” or just about our own personal self-esteem. Today I have a few thoughts for you on what it really mean to have our “esteem” in Christ? The answer to this question is one that many of us need to know and understand as believers in Jesus Christ. Many of us suffer with low self-esteem and we seem to think that the answer to this problem is to think more positively. We try to think better thoughts for a while only to find that we still fall short and go back to feeling not so great again or honestly…like crap. Now, those feelings may be “normal” for everyone to feel sometimes but they come from a lack of truly understanding our identity in Christ Jesus. When we don’t really know our own identity it makes it very difficult for us to make choices and decisions that are pleasing to the Lord. We go on this quest of trying to “figure out” our life and who we really are. Yet, we sometimes fail to really “seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness” Matt 6:33.

Ask yourself do you really know what the word “righteousness” means? (Do you know what “the kingdom of God” is? Do you know where the kingdom of God is located? These are important fundamental aspects of our lives in Christ that we need to understand. I could give you the answer of course but I challenge you today to look up the meaning for yourself. Here are few scriptures and link to help you start your journey…

  1. Romans 14:17,

  2. Luke 17;20-21,

  3. 2 Corinthians 5:21,


We have been made righteous through what Jesus did for us on the cross. We are now in “right standing” with God but what does that really mean? Who are you really? Now that we have decided to give our lives over to Christ, the word of God tells us that we are now ambassadors of Christ Jesus and that greater works we will do than he has done. (John 14:11-3) So how does that apply to us?

1.      The word ambassador means:

NOUN (Oxford Dictionary)

·         an accredited diplomat sent by a country as its official representative to a foreign country:

  1. a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity:

It’s time to really take a close look at the life of Christ… What did he do? How did he function and flow? When you are an ambassador for a school, team, or organization you are representing the core values and missions of that organization through your words and actions. You’re not your own person… you represent the values and ideas of the organization. Many times we find great pride and worth in being picked to be an ambassador for an organization that we believe is doing a good work. It’s an honor to represent them to the public.

Well, how much more of an honor should it be that we represent the greatest man that has ever walked our planet! Jesus was and is AMAZING. He was full of love, truth, and compassion. He healed the broken hearted, raised people from the dead, and taught his disciples how to love and trust in him. He was never selfish and he lived a blameless life without sin. He was able to accomplish everything that he set his mind to do because he only did the work of his father in heaven.

As believers we have been given the awesome opportunity to represent Christ right now! By his death and resurrection, he has clothed us in his righteousness giving us the opportunity to operate like him as along as we stay connected to him. His grace is truly amazing. Just think, no matter what we have done in the past, he still finds us worthy to showcase who he is in the earth.

He tells us in his word that when we are weak he is made strong on the inside of us. HE desires for us to learn of him. That means study him and his ways. When we study and learn his ways we can then ask him to help us live how he lived. Help us feel what he felt. When we are full of his joy it removes the hurt feelings and depression of our own souls. When we are hurt he promises to give us comfort. He wants us to come to him with our burdens and stress. When we can’t understand why we keep messing up he shows us in his word that he is able to keep us from stumbling… meaning we don’t have to live a life of falling down all the time. We must follow his commands and build a relationship with him.

His word is able to transform our minds. He tells us in his word exactly what we should think about in Philippians 4:8, I encourage you to look it up!

We must think on the things that he tells us to think about in his word and not what we want changed all the time. Take the time and find what is the real problem. Why do you feel like your esteem is low? Write out your true feelings and then give all those hurt feelings over to Christ and let him show you who you are in him. You will be amazed at the type of access and power you have because you made the decision to give your life to him.

To have true Christ Esteem you must make up in your mind that the word of God is the truth and that you want to be a true reflection of Christ on a daily basis. You have to let go of a “self-focused” lifestyle that is all about your wants and needs, and truly desire for your lifestyle to be all about God being glorified. We have been made in the image of God. Because of Christ, we are daughters of the King of Glory.  We have to believe in our hearts that God really does care about us and wants to help us feel strong and worthy in his eyes through his son. We have to realize that we are only great because the greatness of Jesus Christ that lives on the inside of us. Jesus wants to take care of you and your emotions. He cares about all of that. You are not as alone as you think. You have already been chosen and accepted.

It’s National Self Esteem month. Which is good. But… Sometimes the problem is there is too much focus on “self”.  When we have our esteem in “CHRIST” it takes a lot of pressure off of us. Our hope and confidence is in him, not ourselves as believers. The stress that comes with life being all about you and your ability and your effort honestly can cause so much anxiety, unmet goals, and desires. You can and you will fail if you always are trying to accomplish life on your own terms. God has a purpose and plan…. We have a part to play but ultimately the goal should be that you would allow Christ to be formed in you so that HE can work through you. It’s his character that should be lifted up! Our confidence should be that when we pray according to his will, we know that he hears us. 1John 5:14. It’s the biggest confidence booster when you pray and see the results of your prayers. Seeking his will should be a major priority in your life… It goes in hand with seeking the kingdom of God first!

We just need more balance. He wants to do a work in you. You can’t fix yourself. Self-help is good, but Christ help and finished work is really the answer. So as you lift him up on the inside of you, your joy and Esteem will be lifted as well. You focus on CHRIST and he will focus on you and take care of the Esteem issues you may have. Let the Lord be magnified in your life! You’re his representation, he chose YOU for such a time as this! Hold your head high when you’re in the public and keep your knees bowed in private. Humble yourselves and pray so that God can reveal to you his perfect will for your life. What you do in your prayer time will affect your inner being. You can have peace, rest, confidence and healthy esteem just by staying truly connected to the one who loves you the most.

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